[Federal Register: August 26, 1998 (Volume 63, Number 165)]
[Page 45473]
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[CFDA NO: 84.031]

Reopening of Closing Date for Receipt of Applications for 
Designation as an Eligible Institution for Fiscal Year (FY) 1998, 
Eligibility for the Part A Strengthening Institutions and Hispanic-
Serving Institutions Program

SUMMARY: On November 13, 1997, a notice was published in the Federal 
Register (62 FR 60988-60989) that established a closing date for 
transmittal of applications for the FY 1998 designation of eligible 
institutions for the Part A Strengthening Institutions and Hispanic-
Serving Institutions Programs. The purpose of this notice is to reopen 
the closing date for the transmittal of applications and to allow 
applicants additional time to establish eligibility for purposes of 
receiving a waiver of certain non-Federal share requirement under the 
Federal Work Study (FWS) or Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity 
Grant (FSEOG) programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher 
Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA).
    Some institutions were unable to meet the established deadline date 
for submitting eligibility applications to obtain FWS or FSEOG program 
waivers. Under the reopened eligibility process, these institutions may 
apply for designation as an eligible institution under Title III, Part 
A of the HEA. Eligibility designation will only be for the purpose of 
qualifying for a waiver of the non-Federal share requirements of FWS 
and FSEOG programs.
    Institutions will be notified of the outcome of the reopening of 
the closing date by November 30, 1998.
    Deadline for Transmittal of Applications: October 16, 1998.
    Applications Available: August 14, 1998.
    For Applications or Information Contact: Strengthening Institutions 
Program, Institutional Development and Undergraduate Education Service, 
U.S. Department of Education, 600 Independence Avenue, S.W., (Suite CY-
80, Portals Building), Washington, DC 20202-5335. Telephones: (202) 
708-8816, 708-8839 or 708-8866.
    Individuals who use a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) 
may call the Federal Information Relay Service (FRS) at 1-800-877-8339 
between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Eastern time, Monday through Friday.
    Individuals with disabilities may obtain this document in an 
alternate format (e.g., Braille, large print, audiotape, or computer 
diskette) on request to the office listed in the preceding paragraph. 
Individuals with disabilities may obtain a copy of the application in 
an alternate format, also, by contacting that office. However, the 
Department is not able to reproduce in an alternate format the standard 
forms included in the application package.
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(Program Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1057, 1059c and 1065a).

    Dated: August 21, 1998.
David A. Longanecker,
Assistant Secretary for Postsecondary Education.
[FR Doc. 98-22922 Filed 8-25-98; 8:45 am]