New RSA Funding Opportunities
Information on new funding opportunities from the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA)

Below is a listing of new RSA discretionary funding opportunities. Included are:

The program's Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number
Competition Title
The competition title
Competition opening and closing dates
The application package
A Webinar on the application process
Q&A Blog
An opportunity to submit questions on the application process and view responses

Please use the below table only for reference purposes only

CFDA# Competition Title Dates Application Webinar Q&A Blog
84.129B Rehabilitation Long-Term Training: Rehabilitation Counseling Open: 07/05/2019
Close: 08/05/2019
84.129H Rehabilitation Long-Term Training: Rehabilitation Mental Illness Open: 07/05/2019
Close: 08/05/2019
84.129P Rehabilitation Long-Term Training: Rehabilitation of the Blind Open: 07/05/2019
Close: 08/05/2019
84.129Q Rehabilitation Long-Term Training: Rehabilitation of the Deaf Open: 07/05/2019
Close: 08/05/2019
84.235E Demonstration Program: Braille Training Open: 05/30/2019
Close: 07/01/2019
84.250M Vocational Rehabilitation Service Projects for American Indians with Disabilities Open: 06/13/2019
Close: 07/29/2019
84.263C Rehabilitation Training: Innovative Rehabilitation Training Open: 07/05/2019
Close: 08/14/2019

Last Modified: 08/14/2019