RSA Discretionary Grant Applications

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), through the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), provides discretionary grants to support vocational rehabilitation services, training, technical assistance, and demonstrations. Discretionary grants are grants awarded through a competitive process.


ED Discretionary Grants Resources

  • Discretionary Grant Application Packages — lists grant competitions that are currently open and provides links to downloadable application packages, forms and other information you’ll need to apply.

  • Federal Register — includes notices inviting applications for grant competitions, as well as funding priorities, selection criteria, regulations and relevant workshops and meetings.

  • Technical Assistance for ED Grantees — includes Uniform Administrative Requirements, cost principles, audit requirements for federal awards, and many other resources.

  • ED General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) — defines the administrative requirements for managing projects funded by discretionary grants awarded by ED.

  • ED Budget — provides an overview of the federal role in education, an explanation of the federal budget process, news about ED’s budget and program-by-program details of the President’s budget request.

Last Modified: 05/21/2019