New OSEP Funding Opportunities

Below is a listing of new OSEP discretionary funding opportunities in chronological order. Information included is:

The program's Assistance Listing Number (ALN)
Competition Title
The competition's title
Competition opening and closing dates
The application package
An application abstract
A Webinar on the application process, if applicable

Currently Open Grant Competitions

ALN Competition Title Dates Application Abstract Webinar
84.328R Special Education Parent Information Centers—Technical Assistance for Parent Centers Opens: 01/12/2023
Closes: 03/28/2023
84.327S Educational Technology, Media, and Materials for Individuals with Disabilities Program: Stepping-up Technology Implementation Opens: 12/20/2022
Closes: 03/06/2023
84.323A State Personnel Development Grants Opens: 12/19/2022
Closes: 03/06/2023
84.326T State Technical Assistance Projects to Improve Services and Results for Children who are Deaf-Blind and National Technical Assistance and Dissemination Center for Children who are Deaf-Blind Opens: 12/19/2022
Closes: 02/17/2023
84.327T National Center on Technology Systems in Local Educational Agencies Opens: 12/19/2022
Closes: 03/06/2023

Last Modified: 01/18/2023