RFP 98-025
Small Business Innovation Research Program

DUE DATE: 04/10/98

POC Contract Specialist Candace Bertotti, 202 708-9741, or Rebecca Ferguson 202-708-7405

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) invites small business firms to submit research proposals under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Firms with strong research capabilities in educational technology, science, or engineering in any of the topic areas listed below are encouraged to participate. Awards are for periods up to six (6) months in amounts up to $50,000.

Each firm submitting a proposal must qualify as a small business for research purposes as defined by the Small Business Administration (SBA) at the time of the award. In addition, the primary employment of the principal investigator must be with the small business firm at the time of award and during the conduct of the proposed research. Also, the research or R&D work must be performed in the United States.

The anticipated federal research topics available under this Ed/SBIR Program solicitation follow: 1. Development of Strategies or Adaptation of Assistive Devices, Mechanisms, Technologies, or Techniques for Individuals with Disabilities. 2. Development or Adaptation of Devices, Mechanisms, or Techniques for Individuals with Hearing Disabilities. 3. Innovative Technologies to Enhance Self-Determination, Job Development, Job Modification, Job Opportunities, or Transition from School-to-Work for Individuals with Disabilities. 4. Innovative Technological Circumventions to Neutralize Existing or Emerging Barriers to the Education or Vocational Rehabilitation of Individuals with Disabilities. 5. Combining New Technologies to Expand Placement Opportunities for Vocational Rehabilitation Clients, and School-To-Work Options for Youth with Disabilities. 6. Technological Solutions to Maintain the Communication Skills of Individuals with Severe Late Onset Deafness. 7. Development of Adaptation of Telecommunications, Electronics Networks, Multimedia, or Management Information Systems and Software to Meet the Needs of Individuals with Disabilities, Their Families, and Professionals in Rehabilitation and Special Education. 8. Development or Adaptation of Assistive Devices, Mechanisms, or Technologies for Use by Allied Health Professionals and Individuals with Disabilities to Address Rehabilitation Needs Arising from Decreased Length of Inpatient Care and Increased Rehabilitation Techniques in Home Settings. 9. Development or Adaptation of Innovative Technologies to Enhance Learning and Development for Individuals with Disabilities of All Ages. 10. Development or Adaptation of Technologies to Foster the Inclusion and Facilitate the Successful Integration of Individuals with Disabilities into Regular School, Social, and Work Environments. 11. Development or Adaptation of Devices or Technologies to Assist Children, Youth, and Adults with Disabilities in the Arts, Recreation, or Leisure-Time Activities. 12. Development of CD-ROM-Based Instructional Material for the Welfare of Education/Employment in a Classroom and/or Community Center Setting. 13. Development of CD-ROM-Based Interactive Instructional Material for Out-of-School Youth to Assist Them in Obtaining Further Education and/or Employment. 14. Development of CD-ROM-Based Materials for Use in a School-to-Work Program. 15. Development of CD-ROM-Based Materials that Implement the SCANS Skills Standards Endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Labor and the National Skills Standards Board. 16. Development of Technologies to Support Learning, Cognitive and Social Development (particularly of young children and students placed at-risk of school failure). 17. Development of an Interactive CD-ROM Software Package to Take a New Charter School Developer Step-by-Step Through the Business Process of Planning, Designing, and Implementing a Charter School.

Anticipated opening date: February 2, 1998 Anticipated closing date: April 10, 1998. Any small business that is interested in obtaining the U.S. Department of Education's FY 1998 SBIR Phase I Solicitation (RFP 98-025) please contact: Ms. Yolanda Abney, U.S. Department of Education, Contracts and Purchasing Operations, GSA Building ROB #3, 7th and D Streets SW, Room 3616 #4443, Washington, DC 20202 Phone: (202)708-6498, E-mail: All dates listed herein are subject to change. Contact Sharon Masciana at 202/708-7665 only for downloading problems.

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