The Outcomes of Diversity in Higher Education

This RFP invites proposals for The Outcomes of Diversity in Higher Education. The purpose of this procurement is to develop a stronger base of evidence on the comparative effectiveness of approaches to diversity issues confronted by institutions of higher education, state systems, and disciplinary organizations. The procurement is based on the need for a critical examination and evaluation of the effects of increased proportions of racial/ethnic minority perspective and experience in critical areas of the curriculum that prepare all students for participating in a workforce that is both increasingly multi-cultural and serving diverse racial/ethnic groups. Requests for copies of RFP 97-032 may be made by telephone (202/708-6498), mail, telegram or in person. All requests should be in reference to RFP 97-032, The Outcomes of Diversity in Higher Education. Requests by mail should be sent to the address above. It is anticipated that requested copies will be mailed out on June 3, 1997. Copies may also be picked up in person on that date at the same address. The closing date is anticipated to be July 3, 1997.

The Statement of Work is available in ASCII text format. (Conversion to ASCII may have changed formatting, removed footnotes, affected a graphic chart. For web or downloading problems ONLY call Sharon Masciana on (202) 708-7665.)

PUBLIC.MTG (1K) - Announcement of Public Meeting on June 30, 1997(ASCII)

97032.TXT (62K) - RFP 97-032 The Outcomes of Diversity in Higher Education (ASCII Text)

SOW.TXT (70K) - Statement of Work (ASCII text). The conversion to ASCII text may have changed formatting or text. Use SOW.WPD for proposal preparation.

SOW.WPD (84K) - Statement of Work (Word Perfect 6.1)

SURV-RFP.FIN (63K) - Surveillance Plan (Word Perfect 6.1)

AMEND1.032 (12K) - Attachment for Amendment 1(Word Perfect 6.1)

CONFSUM.RTF (12K) - Proceeding Report: Diversity, Affirmative Action and Higher Education(Word Perfect 6.1)

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