Postsecondary Education Descriptive Analysis Reports (PEDAR)

The United States Department of Education has a requirement to provide a series of descriptive reports and data tables on postsecondary education topics. These reports and tabular analyses will draw on several large and complex data collections: national longitudinal surveys; linked cross sectional surveys; census data; and administrative record surveys. In addition, the Department has a requirement to provide a data library and a data analysis system that will encourage further analyses and facilitate access to the reports and tables.All files are in Word Perfect 6.1 format. To request a hard copy of the Past Performance form, please call Christina McCrary on 202-708-9741. For web or downloading problems ONLY call Audrey Hawkins or George Wagnerat (202)708-6775 or Ray Nelson on (202)708-6812.

97009.ZIP (227K) - RFP 97-009 (Compressed Files in Word Perfect 6.1 format or TXT format)

SOW.TXT (55K) Work statement in ASCII text for viewing online. (Conversion to ASCII may have changed formatting, removed footnotes, affected a graphic chart. Use WP6.1 version or hardcopy for proposal preparation.)

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Last Modified: 10/31/2003