RFP ED-00-R-0016
National Education Goals Panel Media Services/Teleconference Contract


Amendment 1 (19K) to this RFP has been issued. The amendment serves three purposes: 1) to extend the closing date of the RFP to April 14, 2000 and 2) to include a clause to the RPF, and 3) to clarify the requirement with the questions addressed by the prospective contractors.

PROPOSAL DUE DATE:   April 14, 2000 2:00 P.M. E.S.T.
POINT OF CONTACT:   Nadine Kim, Contract Specialist at (202) 260-1679

This requirement is set aside for small businesses.

To increase knowledge, awareness, attendance, favorable news, and editorial coverage of The National Education Goals Panel's (NEGP or, the Panel) activities, and to communicate its mission and messages more generally, the U.S. Department of Education seeks an experienced media relations contractor to conduct a high volume, high intensity campaign. The Panel will telecast one or both of its meetings to ensure that the meetings are accessible to all education policymakers and to all fifty States. The telecast will address the role of the national education goals in the reform of education today and in the future. This campaign shall begin immediately after a contract is awarded and continue for a five-year period.

The National Education Goals Panel was established by the July 31, 1990 Joint Statement of the President and the Nation's Governors. In 1994 it became an independent Federal agency by an Act of Congress. The Panel is responsible for determining how to measure and monitor educational progress toward achieving the National Education Goals, and for reporting to the Nation on that progress.

The contractor must be adept in media relations and teleconferencing and be able to direct the high volume of activity and level of effort needed to conduct media activities. The contractor must have the ability to commence work immediately upon contract award. Furthermore, the contractor must be informed of the current issues related to education and standards-based reform.

The Contractor shall demonstrate that it has the following Media Relations qualifications: (1) a successful track record of communicating complex public policy issues and making technical information highly accessible to the media and the general public; (2) established, senior-level contacts with media decision-makers needed to make and shape news and public opinion, (3) and superior message design, writing, and analytic skills.

The Contractor shall demonstrate that it has the following Teleconferencing qualifications: (1) a successful track record of directing satellite teleconferences from the planning stages to completion and follow up reporting; (2) contacts with education policy leaders across the nation, who will participate in the meeting, (3) and superior skills in coordinating the efforts of the teleconference.

Requests for copies of the RFP may be made by telephone, mail, telegram, Internet, or in person. All requests shall reference the RFP number (ED-00-R-0016) and title. Telephone requests may be placed by calling 202-708-6498. Mail or telegram requests shall be sent to the following address, U.S. Department of Education/CPO, ATTN: Yolanda Abney, Room 3616, 7th & D Streets, SW, Washington, DC 20202-4443. E-mail requests may be sent to Copies of the RFP may be picked up in person on the issuing date at the above address, Room 3616. Issue date is March 3, 2000 and closing date is April 4, 2000 (2:00PM EST). All responsible sources may submit a proposal which will be considered. The dates listed herein are subject to change.

SOLIC16.ZIP (116K) - All files needed to prepare a proposal, zipped for easy downloading, including the RFP in PDF format, which retains exact formatting as the hardcopy RFP, and the Statement of Work in MS Word format. The documents contained in this file are in either MS Word or PDF format. Zip utility software is required to extract the 4 files from this zip file before viewing in word processor or other applications. The Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free, is required to view and print PDF files.

Contact Gary Weaver at (202) 401-0083 for downloading problems only.

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