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Federal Student Loans Program FY1997 - FY2000
Data Book

(Tables Only)

Table of Contents

  1. Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program and Federal Direct Loan Program) FDLP Summary Information (Tables 1-4)
    • FFEL Executive Summary Statistics
    • FDLP Cash Flow and Portfolio Status
    • FFEL & Direct Loans: Loan Volume Comparison

  2. FFEL Program and FDLP Loan Volume Commitments (Tables 5-21)
    • FFEL and FDLP Cumulative Loan Volume Commitments
    • FFEL and FDLP Number of Borrowers and Dollar Amounts by Institutional Type/Control
    • FFEL Top 100 Originators and Holders
    • FFEL Loan Volume by Guarantee Agency

  3. FFEL Program and FDLP Loan Volume Commitments (Tables 22-41)
    • FFEL and FDLP Loan Volume for Borrowers by State and Type/Control
    • FDLP Loan Volume for Loans by State
    • Combinations of FFEL and FDLP Program Participation by Borrower and Type/Control

  4. FDLP and FFEL Program Dollars Outstanding and Guaranty Agency Characteristics (Tables 42-47b)
    • FFDLP and FFEL Estimated Dollars Outstanding
    • FFEL Designated Guarantor's Name, Agency Name, and State
    • FFEL Cumulative Cash Reserves, Operating Expenses, and Restricted Funds by Guarantee Agency

  5. FFEL Program and FDLP Defaults and Collections (Tables 48-64)
    • FFEL and FDLP Annual and Cumulative Default Dollars and Collections
    • FFEL and FDLP Cohort Default Rate Initiative
    • FFEL Cohort Default Rate for Guarantee Agencies and Default Dollars Paid to Lenders by GA's by Loan Program
    • FFEL Collections of Defaulted Dollars by Loan Program and GA

  6. Appendix Tables
    • FFEL Executive Summary Statistics
    • FFEL Annual and Cumulative Commitments
    • FFEL and FDLP Number of Borrowers by Type/Control and Loan Program
    • FFEL Cumulative Dollars Outstanding by Program

Federal Student Loans Program FY1997 - FY2000 Data book (zip format)
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Questions regarding the data presented in the tables should be directed to
Donald Conner at donald.conner@ed.gov or 202-502-7818.

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