Federal Student Loan Programs Data Book FY94-FY96 / Acknowledgement


The authors and the Policy & Budget Development Unit would like to thank the many people whose valuable contributions helped make the production of this edition of the FY94–FY96 Federal Student Loan Programs Data Book possible.

We would like to thank Greg Senseney, from the Guarantor Lender Oversight Service (GLOS), who provided data and contributed expert advice on several tables included in this publication. Tom Fahey, from GLOS, provided us with the 1130 file that was used to generate many tables that appear in this publication. Tony Oliveto, from the Direct Loans Task Force, provided data and assistance with the Direct Loans (FDLP) tables. Ralph Madden, from the Policy Training & Analysis Service, provided the FFEL program legislative history. Jon Bollinger and Angela Baker, from Accounting & Finance Management Service, provided information presented in the executive summary table. Tom Peska and Tim Branner, from the Debt Collections Offices, provided information on mandatory assignments. Contributions of these colleagues are greatly appreciated.

Alan Baldinger, from the Office of Budget Service, and individuals from the Office of Student Financial Assistance reviewed drafts of this publication. We would also like to thank the many people not mentioned here who took time from their busy schedules to review drafts of the Data Book and provide comments. Reviewer's comments were very helpful and essential to maintaining the overall quality of this publication.

From Pinkerton Computer Consultants, Inc., Rebecca Pratt managed the production of the publication and edited the drafts. Carol Rohr and Brenda Broussard provided desktop publishing, and Beth Young, Jennifer Sable, and Janis Stennett thoroughly reviewed the data tables and edited the drafts. Nikki Smith designed the cover.

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Last Modified: 09/05/2003