CIO Governance Board Membership List

Jason Gray, Chief Information Officer

The Department's CIO is actively involved in the following governance boards at the Department:

Governance BoardProgram CodeBureau CodeCIO Involvement
Investment Review Board (IRB)None00The IRB is a forum for deliberation about Department information technology (system and resource) investments needed to achieve the Department mission and business requirements. The IRB advises the Secretary through the Chief Operating Officer on Information Technology architecture, planning, budgeting and operations.The Chief Operating Officer chairs the IRB. The Chief Information Officer serves as vice-chair of the IRB, and acts as the Chair in the absence of the Chief Operating Officer.
Federal Student Aid Investment Review Board (FSA IRB)None 45The FSA IRB is the final decision-making body to ensure all FSA investments maximize the achievement of FSA’s strategic goals in the most effective way, and to maintain an optimized and prioritized investment portfolio. FSA IRB analyzes details about all investments including scope, schedule, cost, benefits, risks, and integration/dependencies. The IRB also ensures successful realization of promised benefits within projected costs and schedule. FSA CIO and FSA CFO co-chair the FSA IRB.

Last Modified: 02/12/2019