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Website Structure and Organization

The Campus Safety and Security Reporting Training is structured into three levels:

  • Home page
  • Contents page
  • Section pages

Home Page

The Campus Safety and Security Reporting Training home page contains navigational text links to the Contents page and the Help section. These links are placed at the top of the web page.

The next page link at the bottom of the web page will take you to the Contents page. The Contents page contains text links for all the sections.

At the very top of the page are two links:

  • A link to the main content of the web page that your browser is on.
  • A link to the Accessibility-Help page which contains the structural description and access instructions.

Contents Page

The table of contents page contains text links to all the sections of training in the content area of the web page. You may jump directly to the beginning of any section by selecting any link.

Section Pages

Each section begins with an "intro" page that contains a short animation with music. All audio and animations begin immediately once the page has loaded, but you can stop them at any time.

The controls for the audio and animations are located at the bottom of the web page, and the focus will be on the Pause/Play button by default. Once you select the Pause button, it will become the Play button and you can resume the animation or audio by selecting the button again.

You can tab through the controls to do the following:

  • Pause or play the audio/animation
  • Rewind 5 seconds
  • Scrub forward or backward using the "," or "." keys
  • Fast forward 5 seconds
  • Toggle on or off the captions for the current web page

All animations and audio are close captioned. Before you entered this site, you were given the option to turn all captioning off or have it on throughout the training. You can change that option during the training at any time, but it will only be in effect for the current page you are on. For instance, if you originally chose to have all captions off, and you turned them on for your current page, when you navigate to the next or previous page, your captions will be off by default.

Note for JAWS 9 users: sometimes JAWS will read the dynamically changing captions; to stop the captions from being read, activate the captions button.


You can navigate this site by mouse or by keystroke. Pressing the "Tab" key will advance you to the next link option, and pressing the "Enter" key will take you to the linked document or site. To return to the previous link, just press the "Shift" and "Tab" keys.

Keyboard shortcuts for the audio and animation controls are available when Flash object has focus. Screen-reader users will need to have the virtual pc cursor mode off to access the keyboard shortcuts.

The following keyboard shortcuts are available:

  • p – pause/play
  • r – rewind 5 seconds
  • f – forward 5 seconds
  • c – toggle on or off the captions for the current web page

There are also shortcut keys for the Next and Previous buttons. Pressing (Alt + N) will advance you to the next page, and (Alt + P) will return you to the previous page.


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