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Improving the Quality of Teachers in the Classroom

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Minority AP Passing Scores

per 1000 Juniors and Seniors in Math, Science, and English for African-American and Hispanics in 10 Dallas ISD Schools, Texas, and U.S.

Description of slide image: there is a graph showing the number of passing scores on AP Exams earned by African American and Hispanic students per 1000 students at the ten schools Dallas schools, in all Texas public schools, and all U.S. Public Schools, for each year from 1995 to 2005. In 1995, the numbers for all three groups are nearly the same (7 for Dallas, 8 for Texas, 9 for US); in 1996, the number for students at the ten Dallas schools is noticeably larger than for the other two groups (approximately 20 for Dallas, 9 for both Texas and US), and it continues to increase more rapidly each year than for the other two groups (for 2005, the results are 70 for Dallas, 25 for Texas, and 24 for US).

Source: The College Board, Dallas ISD, Texas Education Agency, National Center for Educational Statistics (2005 U.S. enrollment data is estimated through extrapolation)

Last Modified: 05/03/2006