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The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: Provisions Related to Children With Disabilities Enrolled by Their Parents in Private Schools
March 2011

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LEA Responsible for Conducting Child Find and Ensuring the Provision of Equitable Services

The most recent provisions require the LEA with jurisdiction over the district in which the private school is located to be the responsible agency for implementing IDEA requirements for parentally placed children with disabilities. This includes the obligation that the LEA locate, identify, evaluate, and spend a proportionate share of IDEA funds for equitable services for children with disabilities enrolled by their parents in private, including religious, elementary and secondary schools located in that district.

After timely and meaningful consultation with representatives of private schools and parent representatives of parentally placed private school children with disabilities, Liberty Public Schools (LPS) will conduct child find activities (see page 7 for more on this term) for children attending private elementary and secondary schools that are located in its district. They also will provide special education and related services to eligible parentally placed children with disabilities who are designated to receive services and attend private schools located in their district. Children with disabilities enrolled in private schools located in LPS will access IDEA benefits from LPS, even if the families reside within the geographic boundaries of another school district. This includes children who reside out of state but attend a private school located within the geographical boundaries of LPS.

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