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The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: Provisions Related to Children With Disabilities Enrolled by Their Parents in Private Schools
March 2011

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Complaint Procedure Regarding Consultation

As noted previously, a private school official has the right to file a complaint with the SEA that the LEA did not engage in consultation that was meaningful and timely, or did not give due consideration to his or her views. The private school official must provide the basis for his or her belief that the LEA did not comply with these consultation requirements. As part of this complaint process, the LEA must forward appropriate documentation related to the private school official's complaint to the SEA.

If the private school official is dissatisfied with the decision of the SEA, he or she may submit a complaint to the U.S. secretary of education. The complaint should provide the basis of the official's belief that the LEA did not comply with the consultation requirements, and the SEA must forward the appropriate documentation to the secretary.

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