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Women's Educational Equity (V-D-21)


This program provides financial assistance to enable educational agencies to meet the requirements of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and promotes educational equity for girls and women who experience multiple forms of discrimination based on gender, race, ethnic origin, limited English proficiency, disability, or age.

How It Works

The secretary of education awards competitive grants to public agencies, private nonprofit agencies, organizations, institutions, student groups, community groups, and individuals. At least two-thirds of the funds are used to award grants that focus on developing model equity programs, and on local implementation of gender-equity policies and practices at all educational levels. In addition, the U.S. Department of Education supports research and development activities that are designed to advance gender equity nationwide and to foster equitable policies and practices in educational agencies and institutions, as well as local communities.

Grants must address all levels of education in all regions of the United States, and in urban, rural, and suburban schools.

Key Requirements

Organizations or consortia receiving assistance under this program report annually on:

  • The number of parents who receive information and training, disaggregated by minority and limited English proficient status.
  • The types of training, information, and support provided.
  • The strategies used to reach and serve parents who are minority, limited English proficient, or have limited literacy skills.
  • The parental involvement policies and practices used by the center and an evaluation of whether the policies and practices are effective.
  • The effectiveness of the parental involvement activities of districts and schools on student achievement.

How It Achieves Quality

The secretary is to ensure that the program is administered within the Department by a recognized professional with qualifications and experience in the field of gender-equity education.

How Performance Is Measured

The secretary is to submit to the president and Congress a report on the status of educational equity for girls and women in the United States no later than January 1, 2006. In addition, no later than January 1, 2005, the secretary is to evaluate and disseminate materials and programs developed under the program, and report to Congress.

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Last Modified: 09/14/2007