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Educational, Cultural, Apprenticeship, and Exchange Programs for Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and Their Historical Whaling and Trading Partners in Massachusetts (V-D-12)


This program develops culturally based educational activities, internships, apprenticeship programs, and exchanges to assist Alaska Natives, native Hawaiians, and children and families of Massachusetts linked by history and tradition to Alaska and Hawaii, to learn about shared culture and traditions.

How It Works

Grants or contracts are awarded to: the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage, Alaska; the Inupiat Heritage Center in Barrow, Alaska; the Bishop Museum in Hawaii; the Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts; the New Bedford Whaling Museum and the New Bedford Oceanarium in New Bedford, Massachusetts; other Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian cultural and educational organizations; and other cultural and educational organizations.

Funds are used for educational programs to increase the understanding of cultural diversity and for programs that use modern technology to teach about the cultural and trading relationships among Alaska Natives, native Hawaiians, and the people of Massachusetts. In addition, the program encourages intergenerational cultural exchanges among the target populations to increase their awareness of the diverse cultures, as well as sharing collections among cultural institutions. Internship and apprenticeship programs in cultural institutions also may be funded.

Key Requirements

Grantees submit an application to the secretary of education, in accordance with the secretary's guidelines. Applicants are to inform the local school district serving students who will participate in the program.

Key Activities For The State Education Agencies

The state is involved in key activities only to the extent that the state education agency (SEA) may apply for a grant or contract. If awarded, the sea would be subject to the terms of the grant or contract.

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Last Modified: 09/14/2007