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Advanced Certification/Credentialing (II-A-5-2151(C))


This new, discretionary grant program funds activities that support teachers seeking advanced certification or credentialing. Funds go toward high-quality professional teacher enhancement programs that are designed to improve teaching and learning. These advanced certification and credentialing programs help identify teachers who are achieving high levels of instructional quality. These programs are also a tool to help teachers judge their own instructional performance against a set of high standards, and, thus, they encourage teachers to achieve high levels of performance. A recent study conducted by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, which offers advanced certification, sampled a small group of teachers from three cities who had gone through the National Board's certification process; in that sample, some teachers had earned National Board status and some had not. In comparisons between the teachers who became board-certified and those who did not, the board-certified teachers scored higher on dimensions of teaching quality, and in most cases, the differences in scores was statistically significant. National Board-certified teachers also had students who exhibited greater academic skills.

How It Works

This program provides discretionary grants to state education agencies (SEAs); local school districts; the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, in partnership with a high-need district or an SEA; the National Council on Teacher Quality, in partnership with a high-need district or an SEA; or another recognized certification or credentialing organization, in partnership with a high-need district or an SEA.

How It Achieves Quality

This program encourages advanced training of teachers and the connection between teacher standards and student achievement.

Key Activities For The State Education Agencies

State education agencies (SEAs) may apply for grant funds alone, or with a certification or credentialing organization.

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Last Modified: 09/14/2007