Evaluating Online Learning: Challenges and Strategies for Success
July 2008

Recommendations for Evaluating Multifaceted Resources
  • Multifaceted programs include a range of program activities and may struggle to define a clear, central purpose. Evaluators can help such programs define and refine their purposes and goals. Establishing key performance measures aligned to funder-mandated and project goals can help program managers prioritize and help evaluators identify what is most important to study.

  • When evaluating a multifaceted educational program, consider an evaluation strategy that combines both breadth and depth. For example, collect broad information about usage and select a particular program feature or resource to examine more deeply.

  • Where feasible, consider a multiyear evaluation plan that narrows its focus in each successive year, or examines a different resource each year.

  • To select a particular program feature or resource for deeper examination, think about what each resource is intended to do, or what outcomes one would hope to see if the resource was being used effectively. Work with an evaluator to determine which resource is best suited for a more thorough evaluation.

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Last Modified: 10/20/2009