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Innovations in Education: Connecting Students to Advanced Courses Online
December 2007
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Organization of the Guide

Part I of this guide explores the benefits of using online courses to deliver advanced content for secondary school students, and it identifies the specific types of advanced course work most commonly available from online course providers.

Part II examines key implementation factors for districts or schools to consider if they decide to move ahead with establishing or expanding a program of advanced online learning for their students. This section focuses in particular on the need for districts and schools to work in partnership with an online provider. Examples are drawn from across the six online providers and their partner districts and schools. Vignettes, based on interviews with providers, district or school administrators, site coordinators, and students, are used to illustrate various aspects of what online learning looks like in practice, although pseudonyms are used to protect individuals' privacy. To further illustrate some points, sample materials taken directly from the programs or partner schools are presented in accompanying figures.

Part III provides a brief profile or narrative snapshot of each individual provider, its history, and key features. Readers may want to refer to these profiles to get a more comprehensive and general understanding of each provider.

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