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Innovations in Education: Connecting Students to Advanced Courses Online
December 2007

Connecting Students to Advanced Courses Online highlights six providers of academic coursework by delivering advanced on line courses to students through technology. The primary audience is for district and schools decision-makers who are looking for ways to give their students greater access to advanced course work and see online courses as an enticing option.

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Table of Contents

1.  Title Page
2.  Illustrations
3.  Foreword
4.  Acknowledgments
5.  Introduction
New Workforce Demands Call for New Approaches to Worker Preparation
The Role—and Dearth—of Advanced Course Work at the Secondary Level
The Online Course Providers Featured in This Guide
Organization of the Guide
6.  Part I
What Online Learning Offers For Those Seeking Advanced Content
Advanced Course Offerings
7.  Part II
Planning and Implementing Online Courses to Advance Student Learning
Partnering for Student Success
Establishing Overall Program
Ensuring Quality of Advanced Courses
Seeking and Supporting High-quality Instruction
Recruiting and Readying Students for Advanced Courses
Preparing and Supporting Students for Advanced Courses
Monitoring Student Progress and Evaluating Provider Success
Creating Funding Options and Scaling Up
8.  Part III
Profiles of Highlighted Online Course Providers
Colorado Online Learning
Florida Virtual School
Iowa Online Advanced Placement Academy
John Hopkins University—Center for Talented Youth
Michigan Virtual High School
Virtual High School
9.  Appendix A
Online Learning Program Implementation Checklist for District or School
10.  Appendix B
Research Methodology
11.  Appendix C
12.  Notes

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