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Table 1. Selected Variables of Highlighted Online Course Providers a
Online Course Provider Year Initiated Initiator Locales Served Types of Courses Offered Number of Courses Currently Offered Total Student Enrollments Since Inception Approximate Per-Student Cost Per Course
Colorado Online Learning 1998 Consortium
of 14 districts
Statewide AP,b Honors, Dual-Credit, Core, Electives 80 6,832 $200
Florida Virtual School 1997 District partnership with state grant funding Statewide, National,
AP, Honors,
80 200,000 $440 per half-credit enrollment
Iowa Online Advanced Placement Academy 2001 Belin-Blank
Statewide AP 11 5,616 $380 (does not include cost of the AP exam)
Johns Hopkins University—Center for Talented Youth 1994 John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth National, International AP, Accelerated,c Honors 60 53,000 Varies by course; ranges from $440 to $1,740
Michigan Virtual High School 2000 Michigan Virtual University Statewide AP, Core,
110 26,700 Varies by course; ranges from $275–$350 per semester
Virtual High School 1996 Concord Consortium, Hudson Public Schools National, International AP, IB,d
216 40,028 $130 per semester course with standard school membership

a Data reported by online providers both here and in the profiles are for 2006-07.
b Advanced Placement
c An accelerated course compresses the content that normally would be covered in a longer course into a shorter time frame.
d International Baccalaureate

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