Accreditation & Participation

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Editor's Pick  Overview of Accreditation
Describes the accreditation process, which is designed to ensure that the education provided by institutions of higher education meets acceptable levels of quality. GO >
Editor's Pick  Accreditation and Avoiding Diploma Mills
A list of postsecondary institutions accredited by agencies recognized by the Secretary of Education. GO >
Editor's Pick  Application for Approval to Participate in Federal Student Aid Programs
This is the Application for Approval to Participate (E-APP) in federal student financial aid programs. Postsecondary institutions can use the E-APP to apply for designation as an eligible institution, for recertification or change in ownership, to make an address change or update other information, and more. GO >
Editor's Pick  Direct Loan Consolidation School Services
Financial aid professionals can use this information center to answer questions such as: Who is eligible for federal direct consolidated loans? What are the consolidation requirements? What is my school's role in consolidation? What are the benefits to borrowers? How does consolidation affect a borrower's loan limits and my school's default ratio? How do I demo the exit counseling session? GO >
Editor's Pick  Direct Loan Origination Online System
For financial aid officers. GO >
Editor's Pick  Direct Loan Servicing Online
Resources and reports designed to help you manage your Direct Loan program. GO >
Editor's Pick  e-Payments Grant Administration and Payment System
Electronic payments system for grantees and contractors of the Department of Education. GO >
Editor's Pick  National Student Loan Data System for Financial Aid Administrators
Log-on to enter the NSLDS system. GO >
Editor's Pick  Pell Grant Recipient Financial Management System
Financial aid administrators, servicers, and other school officials can use this website to verify batch statuses, submit data requests, check account balances, enter institution records or enter post-deadline data records via the Internet. GO >
Editor's Pick  Postsecondary Education Participants System Information Gateway
Find information on eligibility, certification, demographic, financial, review, audit and default rate data about schools, lenders, and guarantors participating in the Title IV programs. Accessible only if you are an employee of the Department of Education, a state department of education, a guaranty agency, a state licensing agency, or an accrediting agency. GO >
Editor's Pick  Student Aid Internet Gateway Enrollment
Apply to join the Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG), check enrollment status, print enrollment signature documents, download SAIG software, and use other services relating to SAIG. GO >
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