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Figure 3. Indiana Partnerships Center: Excerpt From A Parent's Guide to Understanding NCLB and P.L. 221

  NCLB (No Child Left Behind) PL221 (Public Law 221) What it means to parents Where to find more information
Academic Goals (Standards)
All schools in the United States must maintain a list of the academic goals for each grade level. Indiana schools have education goals at every grade level (K-12) for reading, writing, math, science and social studies Every year parents should have access to the "Indiana Academic Standards," which outlines specific goals for core subject areas by grade level. Parents can request a copy of the academic goals from their child's school. They can also be found online at: www.indianastandards.org. The site also provides additional information that parents might find helpful.
Teacher Qualifications
By 2005-2006, all teachers must have a degree in the area they teach, and be licensed in that area and grade level that they teach. Teachers that fulfill these requirements are considered "highly qualified." Core subject teachers in Indiana must be "highly qualified." Parents have the right to ask for information about their child's teacher(s), including information about: "completion of state requirements for licensure and certification; emergency or other provisional status; educational background;" and the qualifications of the teachers' aides. Information about "highly qualified" teachers is available at www.nclb.gov/Newsletter/20030201.html.
Paraprofessionals (teachers' aides) must have attended at least two years of college, pass state testing and may not teach except under the supervision of a highly qualified teacher. Indiana requires testing for paraprofessionals who do not have at least two years of college. Indiana is using the Educational Testing Service (ETS) ParaPro Assessment for paraprofessionals and is currently preparing test preparation activities. Information about ETS ParaPro Assessment can be found at www.ets.org/parapro