Giving Parents Options: Strategies for Informing Parents and Implementing Public School Choice And Supplemental Educational Services Under No Child Left Behind
September 2007
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Support from the SEA

SEAs can greatly assist districts' implementation efforts by providing AYP results as early as possible. SEAs can also support districts by providing guidance and technical assistance on key issues such as how districts can offer and implement public school choice in advance of AYP results, and how they can coordinate public school choice with other choice options. SEAs could also make resources available to districts to help students adjust to new schools.

As with parent notices (see p. X), SEAs can enhance districts' efforts by ensuring that their monitoring of public school choice implementation is thorough. SEA monitoring could address issues such as when districts notified parents of eligible students of their opportunity for public school choice, how and when districts determined which schools could serve as transfer options, and when districts implemented transfer requests. An SEA should clearly communicate its monitoring protocols to districts and set forth expectations well in advance of the start of the school year.

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Last Modified: 08/18/2008