Giving Parents Options: Strategies for Informing Parents and Implementing Public School Choice And Supplemental Educational Services Under No Child Left Behind
September 2007
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Support from the SEA

SEAs can enhance district application and enrollment processes by setting clear expectations regarding timelines and procedures, and are strongly encouraged to communicate them to districts through technical assistance materials and other opportunities. In particular, an SEA could provide districts with its expectations on issues such as frequency and length of sign-up periods and, with respect to SES, participation by providers. SEAs could also provide districts sample application and enrollment forms, and could assist districts in determining appropriate SES enrollment targets.

Holding a calendar planning session. One way in which SEAs can provide technical assistance in this area is through calendar planning sessions. In these kinds of sessions, the SEA can provide districts with a blank calendar and a set of responsibilities and activities involved in implementing public school choice and SES, and then direct the districts to determine where best to place the responsibilities and activities on the calendar. By engaging districts actively in a planning process, hands-on technical assistance opportunities such as these can be particularly helpful to implementation.

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Last Modified: 08/18/2008