Statistical Resources for Nonpublic Schools
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Appendix A: NCES Web Resources

The following NCES web resources allow online users to readily obtain data and other information of interest to the private and home school communities:

Search For Private Schools

Search For Private Schools allows users to obtain information on individual private schools, or groups of private schools, by school name, location, and a variety of other school characteristics. This search tool uses data from the Private School Universe Survey (PSS) described above.

Quick Tables and Figures

Quick Tables and Figures is a search tool that provides NCES data tables and figures via a keyword search. Tables and figures for private and home school inquiries can be obtained by using the popular keyword title search function for "private school" or "home school."

NCES Fast Facts

NCES Fact Facts is designed to answer common quick questions about education and provides NCES data in bite size form. Data for private and home school inquiries can be obtained by selecting the desired category (normally, Elementary/Secondary) and then selecting from among the relevant educational topics.

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Last Modified: 06/01/2009