Innovations in Education: Creating Successful Magnet School Programs

This fourth book in the Innovations in Education series identifies six school districts whose successful magnet programs offer a range of contexts, experiences, and perspectives.

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Table of Contents

1.  Title Page
2.  List of Figures
3.  Foreword
4.  Introduction
5.  Starting a Magnet Program
6.  Promoting the Program
7.  Making it Easy for Parents
8.  Fully Implementing the Program
9.  Evaluating and Continually Improving
10.  Acknowledgments
11.  Appendix A: District Profiles
Duval County Public Schools
Hamilton County Schools
Hot Springs School District
Houston Independent School District
Montclair Public Schools
Wake County Public School System, North Carolina
12.  Appendix B: Research Methodology
13.  Appendix C: Resources
14.  Notes

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Last Modified: 08/08/2006