Creating and Sustaining Successful K–8 Magnet
September 2008
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This guide was developed under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Innovation and Improvement. Sharon Horn was project director.

An external advisory panel provided feedback to refine the study scope and prioritize issues to investigate. Members included Robert Brooks, Executive Director, Magnet Schools of America; Brita Lindsey, Magnet Specialist, Houston Independent School District, Magnet Department; Billie Moore, Director, Magnet and Gifted Education Programs, Indianapolis Public Schools; Anthony Perrone, Principal, Rampello Downtown Partnership School, Tampa; Gina Rigsby, Principal, Reed Academy, Aldine Independent School District, Tampa; Claire Smrekar, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Education, Vanderbilt University; and Kenneth Wong, Professor of Education, Brown University.

Staff in the U.S. Department of Education who provided input and reviewed drafts include Sue Betka, Steve Brockhouse, Tom Corwin, Kate Devine, Meredith Farace, Lorenzo Esters, Richard Foster, Virginia Gentles, Holly Kuzmich, Meghan Lerch, Greg March, Richard Smith, Tiffany Taber, Linda Wilson, and James Woodsome.

The six schools participating in the development of this guide and the case studies on which it is based were generous with both their time and attention to the project. We would like to thank those who were instrumental in coordinating and participating in the site visits that inform the case studies and this guide.

A.B. Combs Leadership Magnet Elementary School
2001 Lorimer Road
Raleigh, NC 27606
Muriel Summers, Principal

FAIR (Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource School)
3915 Adair Ave. N.
Crystal, MN 55442
Kevin Bennett, Principal

Mabel Hoggard Math and Science Magnet School
950 North Tonopah Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89106
Celese Rayford, Principal

Normal Park Museum Magnet School
1009 Mississippi Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37405
Jill Levine, Principal

Raymond Academy for Engineering
1605 Connorvale Road
Houston, TX 77039
Linda L. Miller, Principal

River Glen Elementary & Middle School
1088 Broadway St.
San Jose, CA 95125
Mildred Colon-Arellano, Principal

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