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Figure 9. Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences 2008 SeniorProject Overview

The 2008 Senior Project Overview

Research PaperCommunity ServiceProduct/PresentationPortfolio
  • Topic/Area
  • Essential Question
  • Annotated Bibliography (10-12 sources)
  • 10-12 page Research Paper plus Works Cited (6-8 Works Cited sources throughout the paper; includes citations from Outside Expert and no more than 2 Internet sources) [minimum paper length is 10 full pages]
  • easyWriter will be provided
  • Graded by UTC and Lee University Senior English Majors and Retired Teachers for writing mechanics
  • Graded by Community Experts for content
  • Business Format Letter to agency
  • Minimum of 30 hours during Senior Project class at designated agency
  • 2 Agency Evaluations
  • Thank You Notes
  • Product must be tangible
  • Proof of Product documentation will be ongoing throughout Senior Project class
  • Product/Presentation will be presented to outside audience prior to April 16th
  • Product/Presentation wil be presented to School Panel May 5-7; this includes entire Senior Project Process including research paper, product, outside audience and, if applicable, community service
  • Due the day of your School Panel presentation and must include the following: documentation of the Senior Project process including photos, Agency evaluations, résumé, Personal Profile, Community Service Documentation, Outside Audience Surveys and copies of Thank You Notes
  • Reflection Paper due May 9th.
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