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Figure 11. Northeast Magnet High School (Wichita, Kans.) Science Professional Learning Community Notes From Weekly Meeting (Excerpt)

Northeast Magnet High School
GOAL: Student Learning FOCUS: Effective Instruction PROCESS: Collaboration

Name of PLC:Meeting Date:
Goal(s) for this week:
Science - How is material actually learned by students
Members Absent: (List reason for each absence)
Major ThemesClassroom 
 Check those that applyMeeting notes
What do we expect students to learn?

Curriculum/Academic Goals
  • Assure student instruction supports identified mission
  • Assure teaching content is based on district standards and pacing guides
  • Assure student mastery of power standards for all
  • Provide systematic, explicit, differentiated instruction
  • Implement strategies supported through staff development
  • Assures effective delivery of aligned curriculum
-discussion about DISTRICT curriculum changes and alterations - "pruning" science curriculum

-Give students preparation for College is a primary objective

-students need to learn how to learn
How will we know students have learned?

Monitoring, Data, Analysis and Use
  • Use data to monitor, analyze and adjust instruction by utilizing district, building and classroom assessments
  • Adjust instruction based on SIP collaboration process
Troy attended a workshop that focused on mastery learning
- assess frequently
How will we respond when students do not learn?

Intervention and Adjustment
  • Monitor and analyze performance data derived from system, building, and classroom data
  • Implement literacy and numeracy interventions
  • Implement identified staff development/intervention strategies
  • Differentiated classroom instruction based on data dialogue
-if students do not get major concepts in math, because it is linear, kids are then behind "permanently"
tutoring before and after lunch Peer tutoring - including the new tutoring program, implementing training for peer tutoring

-discussion of allowing test retakes - pros and cons, shared out different methods of implementing
How will we respond when students do learn?

Rigor and Enrichment
  • Provide courses, projects, and lessons appropriate to individual student needs
  • Implement literacy and numeracy extensions
  • Enhance instruction based on monitoring

Goals for the next week:


Source: Northeast Magnet High School. Used with permission.

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