Innovations in Education: Creating Strong District School Choice Programs
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The development of this guide was initiated and directed by Nina S. Rees, deputy under secretary of the Office of Innovation and Improvement at the U.S. Department of Education. Sharon Horn was the project manager.

An external advisory panel provided feedback to refine the study scope and prioritize issues to investigate. Members included Michael Bell, assistant superintendent, School Choice and Parental Options, Miami-Dade County Public Schools; Jane Hannaway, director, Education Policy Center, The Urban Institute; Bryan Hassell, co-director, Public Impact; Frederick M. Hess, resident scholar, American Enterprise Institute and executive editor, Education Next.

In addition to the advisory panel members, the following people reviewed and provided feedback on drafts of the guide: Judy Seltz, American Association of School Administrators; Monique Miller and Deborah McGriff, Black Alliance for Educational Options; Linda Brown, Building Excellent Schools; Checker Finn, Fordham Foundation; Vicki Murray, Goldwater Institute; Adam Kernan-Schloss, KSA-Plus Communications; Scott Spicer, National Governors Association; and Lance Izumi, Pacific Research Institute.

Staff in the Department who reviewed drafts include: Tom Corwin, MichaelPetrilli, Cynthia Dorfman, Stacy Kotzin, Meredith Miller, Christine Wolfe, Phil Rosenfelt, Kathleen Leos, John Gibbons, Jeff Sims, Carolyn Adams, Jacquelyn Zimmermann, and Margaret West Guenther.

This guide was written and designed by WestEd from a report developed by Edvance.

WestEd is a nonprofit research, development, and service agency committed to improving learning at all stages of life, both in school and out. WestEd has offices across the United States and also serves as one of the nation's 10 regional educational laboratories.

Edvance, a nonprofit organization created by the American Productivity and Quality Center, is a resource for process and performance improvement with a focus on benchmarking, knowledge management, performance measurement, and quality improvement initiatives in education.

The five districts cooperating in the development of this guide and the report from which it is drawn were generous with both their time and attention to this project. We would like to thank the district superintendents and the many district staff members who were instrumental in coordinating and participating in the site visits that inform the report and this guide.

Cambridge Public School District
159 Thorndike Street
Cambridge, MA 02141
Thomas Fowler-Finn
Lenore Prueser
Director, Family Resource Center

Desert Sands Unified School District
47-950 Dune Palms Road
La Quinta, CA 92253
Doris Wilson
Darlene Dolan
Assistant Superintendent,
Educational Services

Mesa Public Schools
61 East Main Street #101
Mesa, AZ 85201
Debra Duval
Joe O'Reilly
Director of Testing and
Special Projects

Miami-Dade County Public Schools
School Choice and
Parental Options
1500 Biscayne Boulevard,
Suite 237
Miami, FL 33132
Merrett R. Stierheim
Michael Bell
Director, School Choice and
Parental Options

Milwaukee Public Schools
5225 W. Vliet Street
Milwaukee, WI 53208
William G. Andrekopoulos
Ada Rivera
Chief of Pupil Services

730 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
Glen Harvey
Chief Executive Officer
Nikola Filby
Associate Director,
Regional Laboratory Program

123 Post Oak Lane, Floor 3
Houston, TX 77024
C. Jackson Grayson Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Kristin Arnold
Project Director

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Last Modified: 11/30/2009