Innovations in Education: Creating Strong District School Choice Programs
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This report was produced under U.S. Department of Education Contract No. ED-01-CO-0012, Task Order D010, with WestEd. Sharon Horn served as the contracting officer’s representative.

U.S. Department of Education
Rod Paige

Office of Innovation and Improvement
Nina S. Rees
Deputy Under Secretary

Michael J. Petrilli
Associate Deputy Under Secretary for Innovation and Improvement

Thomas M. Corwin
Associate Deputy Under Secretary for Policy and Planning

May 2004

This report is in the public domain. Authorization to reproduce it in whole or in part is granted. While permission to reprint this publication is not necessary, the citation should be: U.S. Department of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement, Innovations in Education: Creating Strong District School Choice Programs, Washington, D.C., 2004.

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Note: The web version of this publication was modified on 01/11/2006 to include a link to a related online video. This video is not mentioned in either the print version of the publication or the PDF.

On request, this publication is available in alternate formats, such as Braille, large print, or computer diskette. For more information, please contact the Department’s Alternate Format Center at (202) 260-9895 or (202) 205-8113.

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