Innovations in Education: Making Charter School Facilities More Affordable: State-driven Policy Approaches
December 2008
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Statutes Pertaining to State-level Funding, Finance, and Provision of Charter School Facilities

This guide examines three primary, state-driven policy approaches to mitigating charter schools' facilities needs by easing operators' access to funding, affordable financing, or publicly financed space:

Direct cash assistance for facilities, that is, providing a dedicated funding stream in the form of a per-pupil allocation or other grant program funds specifically directed to support charter school facilities;

Ability to borrow money for facilities, that is, helping charter school operators obtain affordable capital to buy, lease, or upgrade their facilities; and

District provision of facilities, that is, encouraging or mandating districts to provide charter schools with facilities.

Table B1 provides Web links for the authorizing statute for each facilities assistance program discussed in the body of this report and for related policies. The table is organized by jurisdiction and, within each jurisdiction, by program, with the type of policy approach it represents in parentheses.

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Last Modified: 02/05/2009