Innovations in Education: Making Charter School Facilities More Affordable: State-driven Policy Approaches
December 2008

This guide showcases charter school facility laws and practices that have been developed to tackle the facilities challenge in eight states and Washington, D.C.

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Table of Contents

1.  List of Tables
2.  Title Page
3.  Foreword
4.  Abbreviations
5.  Acknowledgments
6.  Introduction
Affordable Facilities: Key to Charter School Expansion
Forms of State-driven Facilities Assistance
Process for Selecting Exemplar Policies and Implementation Sites
7.  PART I Direct Cash Assistance For Facilities
Allocation Models for Per-pupil Funding
Policy Considerations Regarding Direct Cash Assistance for Facilities
8.  PART II Ability to Borrow Money
Legislative Efforts to Improve Affordability
Different Kinds of Loans
Mitigation of Investor Risk
Policy Considerations Regarding Ability to Borrow Money for Facilities
9.  PART III District Provision of School Facilities
Models of Districts Providing School Facilities
Additional Barriers to Access to Facilities
Policy Considerations Regarding Provision of Facilities
10.  Conclusion
11.  APPENDIX A Research Methodology
Study Framework and Data Collection
Site Selection Process
Selection Considerations
Selection of Respondents for Phone Interviews
Analysis and Reporting
Using This Guide
Statutes Pertaining to State-level Funding, Finance, and Provision of Charter School Facilities
14.  Glossary of Finance-related Terms
15.  Notes

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