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Table 4. Participation of Colorado Charter Schools in District Bond Elections, School Year 19992000 to 200607

School Year District Amount of General Obligation Bond Proceeds Received by Charters (in Millions) Number of Charter Schools Benefiting From These Proceeds
19992000 Eagle County Schools District $1.1 1
200203 Pueblo School District 60 $6.2 3
200304 Denver Public Schools District $19.0 3
200405 Jefferson County Public Schools District $11.5 10
200506 Colorado Springs School District 11 $7.5 6
200607 Boulder Valley School District $9.7 4
TOTAL   $55.0 27

Source: A Colorado League of Charter Schools internal funding summary, based on records from supporting work conducted by the League during the 200708 school year as part of its Facilities 2010 Initiative.

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Last Modified: 01/27/2009