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Table 1. Summary of Highlighted Jurisdictions by Year of Charter Law Enactment, Number of Charter Schools, and Featured Facilities Assistance Categoriesa

Jurisdiction Year Charter Law Enactedb Number of Charter Schoolsc Categories of Facility Assistance
Direct Cash Assistanced Ability to Borrowe Provision of Facilitiesf
Arizona 1994 455 X    
California 1992 692   X X
Colorado 1993 1993   X X
Massachusetts 1993 61 X X  
Michigan 1993 230   X  
Minnesota 1991 143 X    
New Mexico 1993 69 X    
Texas 1995 434   X  
Washington, D.C. 1996 81 X X X

aThis table identifies sites whose efforts in one or more of three general facilities assistance categories (note last three columns) are profiled in this guide. The absence of an X in a particular category of assistance does not necessarily mean the site does not offer this type of assistance; it may simply mean that the site's activity in this area is not profiled in this guide (see appendix A, Research Methodology, for selection considerations). For instance, California and Colorado both offer direct cash assistance to charter schools, but at substantially lower levels than those of the profiled jurisdictions (see table 2).
bInformation from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools Web site at http://www.publiccharters.org/states.
dThe "direct cash assistance" category refers to state-level provision of a dedicated funding stream in the form of a per-pupil allocation or other grant program funds specifically directed to support charter school facilities.
e The "ability to borrow" category refers to the various ways in which jurisdictions are helping charter school operators obtain affordable capital to buy, lease, or upgrade their facilities. These methods include giving operators easier access to tax-exempt or interest-free bond financing, setting up special low-cost loan programs, and providing credit enhancement opportunities for charter schools.
fThe "provision of facilities" category refers to policies that encourage or mandate districts to provide charter schools with facilities. These strategies range from providing facilities at no cost to providing them at a market rate.

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