The Secretary's Third Annual Report on Teacher Quality
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"Our nation is greatly indebted to our teachers. I firmly believe that we wouldn't be a free people without our teaching profession."
- Secretary of Education Rod Paige

Under the 1998 reauthorization of Title II of the Higher Education Act (HEA), the U.S. secretary of education is required to issue annual reports to Congress on the state of teacher quality and teacher preparation nationwide. This report is the third annual report on teacher quality and outlines the progress that occurred in the past year and the challenges that lie ahead.

Chapter 1, "The Highly Qualified Teachers Challenge Revisited," provides an overview of the highly qualified teachers challenge, placing the findings of this report within the context of research and policy. It provides an overview of the highly qualified teacher requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) and highlights new opportunities for states to demonstrate leadership through recently enacted flexibility provisions.

Chapter 2, "Toward a Highly Qualified Teacher in Every Classroom: Partnership in Action," details the significant activities the Department of Education and other organizations have undertaken over the last year to support the raising of academic standards for teachers, while at the same time reducing unnecessary barriers to teaching.

Chapter 3, "Update on State Teacher Quality Improvement Activities," provides a snapshot of state progress along a number of dimensions of the teacher quality challenge, as revealed by the HEA Title II data collection and reporting system for states and institutions of higher education.

Chapter 4, "Building Momentum" concludes the report with a description of forthcoming teacher quality-related initiatives at the Department designed to assist states in meeting the NCLB requirement that all teachers of core academic subjects are highly qualified.

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Last Modified: 12/04/2009