Annual Report to Congress
Of the Office for Civil Rights
Fiscal Year 2006

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B. Proactive Enforcement

Compliance Reviews

As a part of its proactive enforcement plan, OCR resolved seven Title IX compliance reviews at postsecondary institutions. OCR conducted an extensive review of each recipient’s harassment policies, complaint and grievance procedures, and institutional publications. OCR identified areas of noncompliance at each of the institutions, and the recipients entered into agreements with OCR to take action to remedy Title IX compliance concerns.

As a result of OCR’s review, the institutions agreed to implement internal institutional procedures for determining compliance with Title IX, and to provide steps to promptly and equitably remedy noncompliance. The recipients also agreed to disseminate uniform notices of nondiscrimination that comply with Title IX, and to write the notices so they would be easily understood, identified and located in all university publications. The postsecondary institutions also agreed to develop and use grievance procedures for allegations of sexual harassment filed by students, employees and outside parties.

In FY 2006, OCR ended monitoring of these agreements after determining that the recipients fully implemented the terms of the agreements and remedied the areas of noncompliance previously identified. OCR’s review of the policies and procedures at these postsecondary institutions affected a total of approximately 24,000 students.

Technical Assistance

As part of its proactive enforcement of Title IX in FY 2006, OCR provided technical assistance presentations on the requirements of Title IX, including targeted presentations on Title IX as it applies to school athletics and on the responsibilities of schools to address and prevent sexual harassment. It provided technical assistance on sexual harassment to approximately 350 school district staff members, and it conducted a Title IX training workshop at a conference sponsored by a state association of school administrators.

I consider it my good fortune that the timing of things allowed me to attend the Title IX workshops you provided. My group session was very clear and informative in explaining the law and the expectations for school system employers ... To have the opportunity to hear more about the real-world application of Title IX and to be able to ask questions pertaining to my own situations or to clarify my own areas of confusion was great ... I was truly impressed with your knowledge ...

E-mail from an assistant superintendent for human resources and administration

OCR also conducted training for representatives of a state university and a consortium of a six-county area, which includes nine school districts and serves over 68,000 public school students, approximately 6,000 educators, and several hundred education administrators, on Title IX procedural safeguards and the responsibilities of a school district under Title IX.

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