Office for Civil Rights
Annual Report to Congress FY 2005

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Technical Assistance

Technical assistance to educational institutions helps them comply with federal civil rights requirements, while assistance to parents, students, and others informs them of their rights under the law.  OCR provides information and other support services through a variety of methods, including on-site consultations, conferences, training, community meetings, and publication and dissemination of materials to many interested parties, including students, parents, teachers, administrators, schools, colleges, universities, and community groups.  Appendix C lists a sample of the technical assistance publications available on OCR’s Web site (www.ed.gov/ocr).

We are grateful to [OCR] for assisting us in this complex matter, which had proved intractable for two years.… [T]he students and I cannot thank you enough for all your work, which has opened the door for them to a more equal educational opportunity….

Comment from an OCR complainant, 2005


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Last Modified: 11/01/2007