Office for Civil Rights
Annual Report to Congress FY 2005

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Case and Activity Management System

OCR’s Case and Activity Management System (CAMS) builds on the existing Case Management pilot that concluded at the end of FY 2004.  CAMS includes case management capabilities for maintaining, managing, and tracking OCR's complaint, compliance review, and proactive activities, such as significant technical assistance.  In addition, a new Activities Management module was being developed in FY 2005, which will allow for automated tracking of other OCR activities carried out by the Program Legal Group in OCR headquarters, including such items as legal and policy guidance, case support, data collection and analysis, information dissemination, and program coordination with other ED components and federal agencies.

CAMS also includes an integrated document management function, which will enable collaboration and electronic storage of service deliverables, ranging from those used by OCR field offices, such as case record association, case-work tools, and electronic storage of case related documents, to those documents pertinent to non-case related activities, such as legal documents, research, reports, regulations, legislation, briefing materials, religious exemptions, Memoranda of Understanding, and Assurances of Compliance.  In addition, the document management function will house an updated central repository for documents on OCR policy and compliance standards, case-work tools, technical assistance tools, and training materials to be used by all OCR components.

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Last Modified: 11/01/2007