FY 2022 Agency Financial Report (AFR)
January 23, 2023

Full Document PDF (16M)

Message From the Secretary PDF (260K)

Management's Discussion and Analysis PDF (3.4M)

  • About the Management's Discussion and Analysis/About the Department/The Department in FY22 PDF (315.7K)
  • The Department’s Approach to Performance PDF (470.7K)
  • Financial Highlights PDF (843.8K)
  • Secretary’s Statement of Assurance/Analysis of Systems, Controls, and Legal Compliance PDF (435.3K)
  • Forward-Looking Information PDF (314.5K)

Financial Section PDF (5.8M)

  • Message from CFO PDF (215K)
  • About the Financial Section PDF (232K)
  • Financial Statements PDF (264K)
  • Notes to Financial Statements PDF (734K)
  • Required Supplementary Information PDF (281K)
  • Report of the Independent Auditors PDF (3.4M)

Other Information PDF (4.8M)

  • Office of the Inspector General’s Management and Performance Challenges for Fiscal Year 2022 PDF (1.3M)
  • Summary of Financial Statement Audit and Management Assurances PDF (215K)
  • Payment Integrity Information Act Reporting PDF (234K)
  • Civil Monetary Penalty Adjustment for Inflation PDF (214K)
  • Climate Adaptation Plan PDF (270K)
  • GONE Act of 2016 and Education's Grant Closeout Process PDF (270K)

Appendices PDF (2.73M)

Properties: Title: U.S. Department of Education FY 2022 Agency Financial Report
  Author: U.S. Department of Education, Office of the Chief Financial Officer


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