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RA: Vocational Rehabilitation Recreational Programs - FY 2006

CFDA Number: 84.128J - Recreational Programs

Program Goal: To provide individuals with disabilities recreational activities and related experience that can be expected to aid in their employment, mobility, socialization, independence and community integration.

Objective 1 of 1: Recreational Programs
Indicator 1.1 of 1: Project Continuation: The percentage of recreation programs sustained after federal funding ceases.
Measure 1.1.1 of 1: The percentage of projects in operation one, two, or three years after federal funding ceases.
Year Actual Performance Performance Targets
2001 66  
2002 80  
2003 75  
2004 83 66
2005 78.60 66
2006   79

Source: Telephone monitoring.
Date Sponsored: 12/31/2003.

Frequency: Annually.

Next Data Available: December 2006

Data Validated By: No Formal Verification.

Limitations: Contacting past grantees.
Explanation: This measure indicates the cumulative number of programs in existence one, two, or three years following the end of federal funding. Number of programs being tracked after federal funding ceased. (FY 1999= 11; FY 2000=10; FY 2001=6) Twenty-one of the 27 projects from FY 1999-2001 continued after Federal funding ceased.

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Last Modified: 01/20/2006