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ESEA: Arts in Education - FY 2005

CFDA Numbers: 84.351C - Professional Development for Arts Educators--Arts in Education
84.351D - Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination Grants Program
84.351E - Arts in Education

Program Goal: To help ensure that all program participants meet challenging state academic content standards in the arts.

Objective 1 of 1: Activities supported with federal funds will improve the quality of standards-based arts education for all participants.
Indicator 1.1 of 1: Percentage of participants who benefit from standards-based arts education and meet state standards in the arts will increase.
Measure 1.1.1 of 2: (a) The percentage of students participating in arts models programs who demonstrate higher achievement than those in control or comparison groups.
Year Actual Performance Performance Targets

Measure 1.1.2 of 2: (b) The number of students who participate in standards-based arts education sponsored by the VSA and JFK Center for Performing Arts.
Year Actual Performance Performance Targets
low-income students with disabilities
low-income students with disabilities
999 999

Source: Grantee Performance Report, Arts in Education Grantee Performance Report.

Frequency: Annually.

Next Data Available: October 2005

Data Validated By: No Formal Verification.
Explanation: FY 2004 data will establish the baseline. The target for FY 2005 is the baseline plus 1%. For measure (b), data will be disaggregated for low-income participants and for those with disabilities.

VSA=Very Special Arts
JFK=John F. Kennedy


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