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Performance Highlights | Goal 4:
Transform education into an evidence-based field

This pie chart shows the amount of FY 2005 expenditures that support Goal 4, and the amount that supports all other goals. 0.6 percent of expenditures support Goal 4, and 99.4 percent of expenditures support all other goals.

"Data is our best management tool," said Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings. In highlighting the importance of relevant research to the Department of Education, she continued, "I often say that what gets measured, gets done. If we know the contours of the problem, and who is affected, we can put forward a solution. Teachers can adjust lesson plans. Administrators can evaluate curricula. Data can inform decisionmaking." During the past year, the Department continued to ensure the highest quality and relevance of research funded and conducted by the Department, so that ultimately the development and dissemination of research results informs and improves teacher instruction and student achievement.

Key Results for Goal 4

Areas of Focus

  • In providing information on the condition and progress of education in the United States, the Department is committed to increasing the timeliness and quality of data collection and reporting. With timely and relevant results, the Department will ensure that practitioners, policymakers, and the public can promptly translate research results into educational practice and improvement.
  • The What Works Clearinghouse topic reviews, which identify studies of the effectiveness of educational interventions will be expanded. The Department has begun reviewing studies in six new areas: beginning reading, character education, early childhood education, elementary school mathematics, English language learners, and dropout prevention.