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Evidence-Based Research Focuses on Promoting Educational Excellence

To support educational excellence, the Department is committed to providing teachers and policymakers with useful information on effective educational practices. In 2005, the Department established the following priorities for federal education research:

  • To develop or identify a substantial number of programs, practices, policies, and approaches that enhance academic achievement and that can be widely deployed.
  • To identify what does not work and what is problematic or inefficient, and thereby encourage innovation and further research.
  • To gain fundamental understanding of the processes that underlie variations in the effectiveness of education programs, practices, policies, and approaches.
  • To develop delivery systems for the results of education research that will be routinely used by policymakers, educators, and the general public when making education decisions.

The National Board for Education Sciences, an advisory board to the Department's main research arm, approved these priorities as part of its responsibility to provide independent advice on the research funded and conducted by the Department.

The Department grounds its expectations for education excellence in scientifically based research to ensure that practitioners have the tools needed to achieve the best teaching and learning in our nation's schools. The recently approved research priorities ensure that the projects funded reflect the Department's dedication to transforming education into an evidence-based field.