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Protection and Advocacy of Individual Rights (PAIR) - 2004

CFDA Number: 84.240 - Program of Protection and Advocacy of Individual Rights

Goal 8: Protection and Advocacy of Individual Rights (PAIR) Internal Goal
Objective 8.1 of 1: Identify problem areas requiring systemic change and engage in systemic activities to address thsoe problems.
Indicator 8.1.1 of 1: Policy Changes: By FY 2008, the percentage of PAIRs that report changes in policies and practices as a result of their efforts will increase to a rate of 82%.
Targets and Performance Data Assessment of Progress Sources and Data Quality
Percentage of PAIRs reported that their systemic advocacy resulted in a change in policy or practice.
Year Actual Performance Performance Targets
2000 54  
2001 68  
2002 81  
2003   75
2004   77
2005   79
2006   80
2007   81
2008   82

Explanation: Actual performance percentage based on 46 out of 57 PAIRs reporting successful systemic change activiites for FY 2002. Performance trends are based on actual data reported for FY 2000 through 2002.  
Source: Performance Report
Grantee Performance Report: 1820-0627 Annual Protection and Advocacy of Individual Rights (PAIR) Program Performance Report.

Frequency: Annually.
Collection Period: 2002 - 2003
Data Available: April 2004
Validated By: No Formal Verification.
Data will be supplied through uniform data reporting. Once data are submitted appropriate review will be conducted by program specialists.

Limitations: Data will be limited because it is self-reported and in a narrative format. The data submitted will be reviewed by program specialists, but data validity will be unattainable.


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