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Javits Fellowship Program - 2003

CFDA Number: 84.170 - Javits Fellowships

Goal 8: To provide financial assistance to graduate students who have demonstrated superior academic ability, achievement and exceptional promise
Objective 8.1 of 1: To enable students of superior ability in the arts, humanities, and social sciences to complete their terminal degree.
Indicator 8.1.1 of 1: Graduate school completion: The percentage of Javits fellows who complete a terminal degree within 7 years.
Targets and Performance Data Assessment of Progress Sources and Data Quality
Rates of doctorate attainment by Javits fellows 7 years from enrollment
Year Actual Performance Performance Targets

Explanation: The Survey of Earned Doctorates collects only information on attainment of a doctorate degree. Some Javits fellows pursue programs in fields for which the terminal degree is below the doctorate level; their attainment is not accounted for.  
Additional Source Information: Program performance reports, 2002; Survey of Earned Doctorates, 1999.

Frequency: Annually.
Collection Period: 2002 - 2003
Data Available: May 2003
Validated By: No Formal Verification.

Limitations: The new Annual Performance Report will require grantees to report completion data on their fellows (thus obtaining completion information on both doctoral programs and those programs where the Master of Fine Arts is the terminal degree).


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