FY 2002 Performance and Accountability Report (PAR)
including the FY 2002 Program Performance Report
Archived Information

Cover: PDF (213K)

Management's Discussion and Analysis: PDF (890K) | Word (8.5MB)

Performance Details: PDF (834K) | Word (2.1MB)

Financial Details: PDF (2.1MB) | Word (14MB)

Appendices A-E: PDF (1.1MB) | Word (803K)

Appendix F: Audit Reports PDF (900K) | Word (7.2MB)

Appendix G: Inspector General Summary of Serious Management Challenges PDF (480K) | Word (3MB)

Appendix H: Glossary of Acronyms PDF (82K) | Word (144K)

Program Performance Report

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Last Modified: 08/21/2008