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FY 2008 Budget Summary
Summary of the 2008 Budget
Elementary and Secondary Education
Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
Career, Technical, and Adult Education
Student Financial Assistance
Higher Education Programs
Institute of Education Sciences
Programs Proposed for Elimination
Departmental Management
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Fiscal Year 2008 Budget Summary — February 5, 2007


Total Expenditures for
Elementary and Secondary Education in U.S. 1

(Dollars in Billions)

  2005-2006 2   2006-2007 2
  Dollars Percent   Dollars Percent  
Source of Funds
  Federal 3 $50.0 8.9 %   $52.0 8.9 %
  State 241.0 43.2     253.0 43.4  
  Local 213.0 38.1     223.0 38.2  
  All Other 55.0 9.8     57.0 9.8  



1 Data revised from previously published figures.
2 Projected.
3 Includes expenditures of all Federal agencies.

NOTES:  NOTES: Data above may vary from data reported in other surveys of education funding. Differences can be accounted for primarily by differences among the reports in any of the following: measures of funding used, e.g., budget authority vs. expenditures; the definition of education used; agencies and institutions reporting the data; and basis of dollars reported, e.g., current vs. constant dollars. (Table prepared January 2007.)

Because of rounding, detail does not add to totals.

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